Terms of Use

Terms Of Use

The agreement is useful to The Guardian to set the rules and guidelines for visitors, users and customers:

  • Registration: inform users that they must agree to a set of rules when they register on your website or mobile app
  • Disable or terminate accounts: inform users that their accounts can be disabled or terminated if abuses happen on your website or mobile app, e.g. spamming, swearing etc.
  • Owner of content: notify users that you, the company, is the owner of the content appearing on your website or mobile app – except in cases where other users can post content (upload, share, create etc.) where the users are the owners of such content

Changes to the agreement: users should be informed about upcoming changes to the agreement before the changes are applied.

  • DMCA: The Guardian is also informing owners of copyright content that they can submit a DMCA notice to the website if they found infringing content in their DMCA clause.
  • And more

These are only a few examples of what kind of clauses and disclosures you can add in this kind of agreement.

What is a Terms of Use

  • While a Terms of Use is recommended to have, it’s not mandatory by law as the Privacy Policy agreement is required.
  • This agreement serves a single purpose: to inform users of rules that they must agree to. A Privacy Policy must inform users about your privacy practices (what data you collect, why, how, etc.)
  • The definition of a Terms of Use agreement is simple:
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